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Groups in Horningtoft

There are various groups in the village most of them meet in the church



Fun Dog Show

Horningtoft has held a Fun Dog Show every year since 2015 until 2020 when Covid stopped events.


Good Friday Walks

Each year, on Good Friday villagers and friends walk footpaths in and around Horningtoft. Taking hot cross buns to picnic on the way.


Heritage Society

Horningtoft Heritage Society started in 1999 ready to celebrate the new millennium. The society holds bi-annual exhibitions about the village and its inhabitants.


Knit & Natter

The Knit & Natter group meets on the 2nd Tuesday of the month in the church.  Everyone is welcome, all ages, male and female, knitting is not compulsory!

Book of Laws


Community Fund

The Horningtoft Community Fund is a registered charity, number 212733.

It is solely for residents of Horningtoft.


Parish Council

Horningtoft Parish Council meets the 2nd Wednesday of every two months, starting in January, at St Edmunds Church, Horningtoft. 


Parochial Church


The Parochial Church Council 

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